Electrical Safety & Energy Transition: Preparing Buildings For A Safe Energy Transition

EuropeOn fully supports electrification as the way to decarbonize our economy and has done so since its existence. We need to accelerate the energy transition and leave fossil fuels behind, which entails a drastic increase in the use of and reliance on electricity. The debate surrounding the transition to new types of energy has been ongoing for a while now, but the topic of safety has largely been left out of the discussions.

EuropeOn, in cooperation with ECI – the European Copper Institute, CECAPI – the European Association of manufacturers of residential and commercial electrical equipment, and FISUEL – the International organization for safety of electricity users, are putting electrical safety at the center of the electrification debate. We are jointly organising a conference on November 20th titled: “Preparing buildings for a safe energy transition”. The conference will cover the theme of electric safety in (residential) buildings and will be held during the European Fire Safety Week. The objective of the conference will be to exchange information and best practices about electric safety in residential buildings in Europe.

We will start with institutional representatives who will overview the role that electricity is poised to play in our buildings. An expert panel will then present data about accidents, and specifically, fires, in residential buildings originating from electrical installations. Participants will understand how relevant the electrical safety issue is, what the causes for electric hazards are and which challenges need to be addressed in the future.

This will be followed by discussions on ways to avoid any accidents and electrical fires at both installation and product level, by looking into inspection regimes for installations and market surveillance for products.

The final panel discussions will focus on the main trends in buildings that are rapidly reshaping the concept of electrical installations in homes. On-site electricity generation and storage, the uptake of electromobility and the transition to DC are some of the case studies that will be discussed during the session. Participants will have the opportunity to hear what key experts have to say about trends and safety aspects related to these electrical technologies in buildings.

The conference will be immediately followed by AIE’s rebranding reception. Make sure to stick around for (free!) drinks and celebrate the unveil of our new name and logo (more information in the article below)!

When : November 20th 2019, from 12:00 to 17:30

Where: “L42”, rue de la loi 42, 1040 Brussels