EuropeOn key policy asks for this legislative period

Ahead of the upcoming European elections, EuropeOn has released the electrical contractors’ key policy asks addressed to our future European decision makers.

With the growth of new power-based technologies and digital solutions, the European contracting sector has evolved immensely over the past few years. Today, electricians are no longer the men just sticking cables together to turn our lights on. Their work is increasingly sophisticated and wide-ranging.

Take EuropeOn’s board members for example: while our President Gerard Constantin runs a small-sized business specialised in the design, installation and maintenance of smart home solutions, our Vice-President Martin Bailey is a part-owner of a company focused on the integration of cutting-edge power plant and electrical and IT infrastructure technologies. Karl-Heinz Bertram, another EuropeOn Board member, instead, manages a company offering solutions for the automation and control of industrial processes. These are just some of the many areas which electrical contracting businesses are involved in.

Our sector offers important job and business opportunities that are local and long-term, and it delivers a wide range of services and installations for an electrified, digital and green society. The paper which we released today calls on future EU decision makers to strengthen some key policy areas to provide electrical contractors with the tools necessary to help build a strong future for Europe. These areas are:

  • Clean and decentralised electrification
  • Greener, safer and healthier buildings
  • Enhanced digitalisation of the building sector
  • Improved learning opportunities and standards for electrical contractors

Download EuropeOn’s key policy asks for 2019-2024 here.