EuropeOn is strategically located in Brussels to be informed on European decision-making and provide a European voice to the electrical contracting sector. While the main focus remains on energy policy, EuropeOn also engages with EU institutions and stakeholders on transport, climate and skill policies having an impact on the electrical contracting sector.

With its members and partners in Brussels, EuropeOn supports the growth of the electrical contracting sector as a key component of a strong and sustainable European economy and society.

Our Policy Working Group gathers experts from each of our member associations who can provide a national perspective on the effect of EU policies in their domestic sector and discuss national policymaking as well. Their insights are useful to all members and allow EuropeOn to formulate recommendations and opinions that will inform regulators devising relevant strategies.


Electrical contractors employ a variety of technical personnel, from electricians to electrical and IT engineers, through which they have acquired a cross-cutting technical expertise.

With its Technical Working Group, EuropeOn provides a forum for the exchange of best practices and intelligence on the technical aspects of electrical installations and of emerging technologies, including on relevant standards and standardisation processes. EuropeOn’s Technical Working Group is thus well placed to inform policy debates with factual and technical information.

Value Chain

Electrical contractors are a central workforce to the electricity and construction value chains, forming the link between end-users or property owners on one side and distributors, manufacturers or construction sector professionals on the other side. They have a key role, from design to installation, leading to long-term service and maintenance. A proper understanding of the structure of electricity as well as construction value chains across Europe is primordial for EuropeOn to devise strategies to support the growth of the entire sector.  
Our Value Chain Working Group gathers experts who come together for exchanges on their respective national contexts. This constructive forum has led to our first ever Europe-wide sector report and organizes regular round tables with a focus on strengthening electrical contractors’ position in their value chains.

Skills & Attractiveness

Shortages of workers and of skills have been recognized by our members as one of their most pressing issues. As the urgency of the energy transition calls for rapid increases in the deployment of renewable electric solutions, which are now often made more efficient with digitalization, increasing the relevant workforce as well as re- and up-skilling must become top priorities.

EuropeOn has considerably ramped up its activities in this area, hosting regular exchanges and roundtable across its member associations as well as with external stakeholders to foster best practices and address this issue head on.


Digitalisation has taken over Europe while increasingly changing the energy, construction, industry and infrastructure sectors, affecting electrical contractors in many ways. On the one hand, they are digitalising their work, from the design of the installations down to the maintenance. On the other hand, they are offering a growing number of connected machines and devices.  

EuropeOn addresses digitalisation in its various Working Groups and has set up a dedicated Building Information Modelling (BIM) Working Group, jointly with the association GCP Europe, to address this specific new trend poised to take over the construction sector. This Working Group focuses on initiatives aimed to mainstream the use of BIM by technical building contractors. 



Meetings & Events

21-22 March 2024 – EuropeOn Policy and Technical working groups meetings

in Brussels

17-18 October 2024 – EuropeOn General Assembly

in Berlin

21-22 November 2024 – EuropeOn 70th anniversary celebrations & meetings

in Brussels