EuropeOn recommendations for the shift to electro-mobility

Much needs to be done to provide for a fertile ground and a consumer-friendly transition to e-mobility. EuropeOn, representing electrical contractors, responsible for electric works, among which the installation of charging infrastructure for electro-mobility, has formulated a series of recommendations to guide the deployment of this electric infrastructure. Read the recommendations here.

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EuropeOn reply to the Consultation on the Renovation Wave

EuropeOn, the electrical contractor’s association welcomes this initiative and supports the decarbonisation of Europe’s building stock. Electrical contractors employ the qualified professionals carrying out electrical work and installations in buildings and on infrastructure from solar PV and home batteries, EV-charging, heat-pumps and build- ing automation. A massive pan-European initiative investing heavily in renovation of electrical

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EuropeOn reply to the consultation on the Smart Sector Integration Strategy

EuropeOn, the electrical contractors’ association, welcomes and supports the initiative of setting out a clear strategy to link sectors in view of more energy efficiency and GHG reductions. Electrical contractors employ the professionals carrying out electrical works and installations in buildings and on infrastructure. Comprising almost 2 million professionals across Europe, they have a unique,

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Report: how to ensure residential electrical safety?

Although European countries have advanced standards to ensure the safety of domestic electrical installations, their application is generally reserved for new electrical installations. In order to improve the safety of old electrical installations, the solutions observed so far are to establish reference guides and methods for safety and to carry out periodic inspections and informing

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EuropeOn Response to the European Climate Law Consultation

EuropeOn, representing the European electrical contracting sector, is fully committed to a climate-neutral EU by 2050. EuropeOn welcomes this initiative and envisions electrification as the main strategy for climate neutrality, all the while driving growth for EU businesses, empowering consumers, as well as providing for a competitive and future-proof EU economy. The Climate law, with

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AVERE-Eurelectric-EuropeOn-Wind Europe Joint Statement : Europe’s just transition fund must rise to the challenge

Achieving ambitious climate goals requires not only political commitments but also significant funds and an effective financing strategy. The European Commission estimates that reaching the EU climate and energy targets by 2030 will need annual investments of approximately EUR 180 billion across the EU. Europeans support ambitious climate measures and a clean energy transition which

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The Job Potential of Transport Electrification

Transport is the single biggest source of CO2 emissions in Europe and a major cause of urban air pollution and its health effects. Electromobility is seen as a key solution to tackling both concerns and also a generator of considerable positive economic impacts, both at the macro-level and for individual citizens in lower fuel costs.

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