The Makers of Tomorrow: Setting the Framework for Attractiveness Campaigns

EuropeOn’s Manifesto – Local jobs and local electrification: making the energy transition happen for all Europeans

EuropeOn and Electrification Alliance release Manifesto

Delivering on the Green Deal while increasing jobs? Electrification is the answer

Value Chain Statement with 6 European Associations: delivering the Green Deal

European Year of Skills: EuropeOn calls for a momentum

The inadequate review of the Primary energy factor will jeopardise the attainment of Green Deal and REPowerEU objectives

EuropeOn position paper for the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) ahead of the EU inter-institutional discussions

#Skills4Climate: EuropeOn and supporters call on the EU Commission President to address the lack of skilled professionals as a top priority for the energy transition

EuropeOn, supported by fellow associations involved in the green and digital transitions, has been raising EU policymakers' awareness for several years now on the need to intertwine skills and climate policies, in order to deliver the EU Green Deal objectives all across Europe --> discover our #Skills4Climate campaign

Electrification Alliance letter on Affordable, Secure, Clean Energy

We at the Electrification Alliance call on the Commission to make energy savings and cost-effective electrification of the energy system the priority actions in its forthcoming strategy for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy. Let Europe’s response to the current crisis be ramping up support to ensure the exponential growth of clean electricity, mainly based on wind and solar, and electrification to replace fossil fuels in buildings, transport and industry.

Joint Statement from the Electrical and Mechanical installation sectors on the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

GCP Europe, the leading representative of mechanical installers in Europe, and EuropeOn, the European voice of the electrical contracting industry, welcome the European Commission’s proposal for the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The proposed amendments are a natural development of the legislative act, reacting to the ever- growing importance of energy efficient, clean and smart buildings to achieve the EU’s climate and energy objectives

EuropeOn’s reaction to the Commission’s proposals for the Energy Efficiency & Renewable Directives

EuropeOn, the European association of electrical contractors, represents a sector comprised of 1.8 million professionals devoted to powering a green transition. Our long-term vision for Europe is a climate-neutral and job-driven economy.

Therefore, we welcome the European Commission’s initiative to revisit the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) in order to align them with Europe’s increased climate ambition. We find the timing particularly fit in the context of EU and national recovery plans, the Green Deal and the upcoming COP26.

EuropeOn position paper for the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

There are 1.8 million electrical contractors across Europe working to decarbonise our building stock. Committed to the EU’s climate targets, they welcome the needed revision of the EPBD as it represents an unmissable opportunity to implement the following changes:

Powering green jobs growth with electrical contractors: The job potential of electric renovations and prosumer installations

he European association of electrical contractors, just released a new report estimating that 383.000 jobs can be created between now and 2030 by deploying 3 key prosumer technologies: rooftop solar, prosumer batteries and electric vehicle charging points. It also shows that the EU Renovation Wave stands to create about 270.000 jobs by successfully doubling annual rates of renovations across the EU.

EuropeOn Position Paper on the RED & EED revisions

EuropeOn, the European association of electrical contractors, represents a sector comprised of 1.8 million professionals devoted to powering a green transition. Our long-term vision for Europe is a climate-neutral and job-driven economy.

EuropeOn Response to Consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

EuropeOn, the EU association of electrical contractors, welcomes the upcoming revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. Buildings will be at the center of climate action and digitalisation in the coming years, as they are needed to support local deployment of renewables, to provide flexibility to power systems and enable the smart electrification of transport.

EuropeOn Releases Report on Business Opportunities since Covid-19 for electrical contractors

In contrast with many recent pessimistic outlooks, EuropeOn, the European electrical contractors’ association, released a new report entitled “Business opportunities since Covid-19: Electrical contractors at the forefront of a green & digital recovery for Europe”.

EuropeOn Annual Conference: recordings from all sessions are live!

Our Annual Conference is always the time to reflect on the important topics discussed at EU level, impacting EuropeOn members and electrical contractors the most. While this year’s edition had to move online, we made the best of the situation to invite policymakers and stakeholders to contribute to our discussions and made the event accessible to all interested parties.

EuropeOn releases pioneer technical reference guide for Power over Ethernet installation (members only)

EuropeOn’s Technical Working Group has been striving to get ahead on Power over Ethernet, an emerging technology with great potential for the building sector but also for electrical contractors worldwide, and produce a pioneer technical installation guide.

EuropeOn recommendations for the shift to electro-mobility

Much needs to be done to provide for a fertile ground and a consumer-friendly transition to e-mobility. EuropeOn, representing electrical contractors, responsible for electric works, among which the installation of charging infrastructure for electro-mobility, has formulated a series of recommendations to guide the deployment of this electric infrastructure.

EuropeOn reply to the Consultation on the Renovation Wave

EuropeOn, the electrical contractor’s association welcomes this initiative and supports the decarbonisation of Europe’s building stock. Electrical contractors employ the qualified professionals carrying out electrical work and installations in buildings and on infrastructure from solar PV and home batteries, EV-charging, heat-pumps and build- ing automation.

EuropeOn reply to the consultation on the Smart Sector Integration Strategy

EuropeOn, the electrical contractors’ association, welcomes and supports the initiative of setting out a clear strategy to link sectors in view of more energy efficiency and GHG reductions.

EuropeOn releases technical reference guide for Power over Ethernet installation

Climate and environmental concerns have now reached the top of political agenda across the EU and entail a world of change for building and construction sectors. Buildings account for over a third of EU CO2 emissions and have been identified as a priority in decarbonisation efforts. Adding to the climate crisis, we are now also facing a health and economic crisis. 

Report: how to ensure residential electrical safety?

Although European countries have advanced standards to ensure the safety of domestic electrical installations, their application is generally reserved for new electrical installations. In order to improve the safety of old electrical installations, the solutions observed so far are to establish reference guides and methods for safety and to carry out periodic inspections and informing occupants about the risks of their old electrical installations.

Comments from the Electrification Alliance on the ENTSO-E and ENTSO-G draft TYNDP 2020 scenario report

Formed in 2017, the Electrification Alliance brings together AVERE, Eurelectric, European Climate Foundation, European Copper Institute, European Heat Pump Association, Europe-On, smartEn, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope calling for clean electricity to be recognised as the key energy carrier for an efficient and decarbonised European future.

EuropeOn Response to the European Climate Law Consultation

EuropeOn, representing the European electrical contracting sector, is fully committed to a climate-neutral EU by 2050. EuropeOn welcomes this initiative and envisions electrification as the main strategy for climate neutrality, all the while driving growth for EU businesses, empowering consumers, as well as providing for a competitive and future-proof EU economy.

AVERE-Eurelectric-EuropeOn-Wind Europe Joint Statement : Europe’s just transition fund must rise to the challenge

Achieving ambitious climate goals requires not only political commitments but also significant funds and an effective financing strategy. The European Commission estimates that reaching the EU climate and energy targets by 2030 will need annual investments of approximately EUR 180 billion across the EU. Europeans support ambitious climate measures and a clean energy transition which leaves no country and no citizen behind.

The Job Potential of Transport Electrification

Transport is the single biggest source of CO2 emissions in Europe and a major cause of urban air pollution and its health effects. Electromobility is seen as a key solution to tackling both concerns and also a generator of considerable positive economic impacts, both at the macro-level and for individual citizens in lower fuel costs.

EuropeOn reply to the Commission consultation on the Smart Readiness Indicator

EuropeOn recently replied to the European Commission consultation on the Smart Readiness indicator. 

EuropeOn reply to the consultation on Energy Digitalisation