Electrical contractors welcome the proposed Just Transition Mechanism

EuropeOn welcomes the proposal for a Just Transition Mechanism that will support member states’ efforts towards climate neutrality.

Decarbonisation relies to a great extent on electrification and sector integration. This trend will enhance job creation, especially in the installation, maintenance and operation of electrical equipment and systems. A 2018 EuropeOn study found that electrification of road cars will create 100.000 jobs in the electrical contracting sector related to charging infrastructure.

Giorgia Concas, EuropeOn Secretary General explained: “Electrical contracting businesses are experiencing a crippling shortage of workers skilled in IT and green technologies. Instruments such as the JTM will be key in the next years to ensure professionals from declining fossil sectors, will be re-skilled to transition towards growing and sustainable industries like ours. Indeed, recent studies have shown that workers from industries such as coal extraction can be a good match for green sectors, after targeted re-skilling.”