After the Covid Crisis: #EUGreenRecovery to restart Europe

As this unprecedented health crisis has brought our economies to a halt, EuropeOn has joined with several organisations to send a letter to EU leaders in order to emphasise the need for a clean and competitive recovery plan, that integrates the necessary economic stimulus packages with the EU Green Deal and drives the energy transition. 

We call on the EU Commission to:

  • Fully integrate the proposed economic stimulus packages and the European Green Deal (as proposed by the European Council last week). Investments in a zero-carbon infrastructure and innovative solutions are the best and most cost-effective route to economic recovery on a national and supranational level while at the same time preparing the grounds for a secure and sustainable energy system.

  • Bring forward the necessary investments for rapid recovery.

  • Use the stimulus packages to accelerate investments in energy efficiency, renewable heating and cooling, electricity, mobility, zero-carbon buildings, and industrial processes.

  • Ensure ongoing supply of clean energy and ongoing investments in energy transition can continue in the current pandemic as essential services.

Read our full letter here.