EuropeOn joins fellow construction sector stakeholders to call on the European Union to react swiftly to the Covid-19 crisis

EuropeOn and a broad coalition of associations from the European construction sector have sent to all relevant EU officials a joint statement on the Covid-19 crisis on the 27th of March. In this letter, we bring attention on the necessity of a swift reaction of the EU regarding the Covid-19 crisis which is dramatically affecting the construction sector, an industry worth 9% of the EU GDP and providing more than 16 million jobs to Europeans.


Together, our associations call for the EU to act, in order to protect workers’ health, support economic activity and accelerate the recovery.


We also call on the European Commission to open a dialogue with us, in order to jointly identify and implement appropriate measures to limit the downturn and facilitate a rapid recovery of all construction activities.


You can find the Joint Statement here.