Green Recovery: EuropeOn joins a new initiative backed by 180 signatories

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the lockdown it triggered in most European countries, EuropeOn has called for a Green Recovery with fellow associations. Indeed, we have to keep our ambitions high and adjust all our actions to our agreed climate goals. This means aligning the economic recovery with climate action and with the Green Deal.

With this in mind, it was obvious for us to join today the Call for Action coordinated by Pascal Canfin, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee for Environment.

This Call for Action, titled “GREEN RECOVERY: REBOOT & REBOOST our economies for a sustainable future” has been massively circulated in all major national newspapers in Europe as well as Politico, Euractiv, Reuters, Bloomberg and many more.

It has so far been signed by more than 180 ministers, MEPs, CEOs, NGOs, Trade Unions and Associations.

Together, we are convinced that Europe must be restarted on greener, cleaner, innovative ambitions. The situation we will be facing is very different from the 2008 crisis, both in terms of the depth of the crisis and the answers we are able to deliver:

“Over the last 10 years, tremendous progress has been made in most transition sectors, developing new technologies and value chain, and dramatically reducing the cost of the transition (including inter alia: renewable energy, zero emission mobility, agroecology, energy efficiency…). 10 years ago, zero-emission vehicles were only a prototype. 10 years ago, wind energy was three times more expensive than it is today, and solar energy seven times. 10 years ago, we had not carried out renovation work on buildings showing that this action is profitable.”

Together, we call on a global alliance of cross-party political decision-makers, business and financial leaders, trade unions, NGOs, think tankers, stakeholders, to support and implement the establishment of Green Recovery Investment Packages.

Read the letter here.