Media Partner’s Corner – Get started with KNX Online and Easy!

Want to get started with the KNX technology, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!  We offer you a wide range of training possibilities to learn the ins and outs of our ETS software and the KNX system. 

Most of these steps are completely free and can be followed online in an easy way.

Become a KNXpert from the comfort of your home

Step 1: Learn the basics with the online ETS eCampus

Our online campus provides you with a great introduction to the basics of ETS so that you can easily start with confidence on your first project. Through interactive lessons and video training, you will learn the basic concepts and how to set-up a project, as simulated exercises help you to deepen your knowledge. 

Finished your lessons successfully? Congratulations! You will receive a certificate and a discount voucher for your first ETS Lite license.

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Step 2:  Configure your virtual Smart Home with KNX Virtual

KNX Virtual helps you to learn the basics and gain more confidence in working with KNX. KNX Virtual is a Windows-based application simulating a KNX device. KNX Virtual allows you to get acquainted with the KNX technology and set up a simulated KNX installation for free.

You can add different devices in your digital smart home and develop routines.

Download KNX Virtual 

Step 3: Extend your KNX knowledge with online KNX Webinars

 Want to gain knowledge about dedicated topics? Then online KNX webinars are the best choice for you.  These online live presentations are about both technical as non-technical matters.  Simply follow from behind your computer and interact if you have questions.

KNX Webinars are free of charge and an extremely efficient way to acquire knowledge by short online presentations. 

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Step 4: Online courses from our KNX Training Centres

Ready for the first professional step? Then it is time to follow a course from one of our KNX Training Centres.

Due to COVID-19 a lot of certified courses have been postponed. Several of our training Centres offer online alternatives instead.

Click on the button below to find an overview of online KNX courses by our certified KNX Training Centres.

Online Course offer 

Step 5: KNX literature

 We offer a vast selection of brochures and reference books. Besides the standardised KNX training documents, used by the Certified Training Centers, the ‘KNX Handbook for Home and Building Control’ is to be recommended especially for newcomers.

All KNX brochures are available on the KNX website for a free of charge download. All our books can be ordered in your MyKNX account or on Amazon.

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