Invest in #Skills4Climate ⬄ Invest in a Green Recovery

EuropeOn, the European association of electrical contractors, has written to EU policymakers, along with 10 other associations engaged in the energy transition and electrification, to raise awareness about the need to invest in skilled energy professionals to make of the upcoming Recovery Plan and the Green Deal a success.

Indeed, in order to meet the 2030 climate objectives, it is estimated that, every day, 3.000 PV systems, 1.000 electrical vehicles’ charging points and 15.000 heat-pumps need to be installed across the EU. 

But who will do this work? Electrical contractors represent the human capital responsible for carrying out electric and climate-mitigating installations, of technologies such as solar panels, electrical vehicles’ charging points and heat pumps. To avoid bottlenecks and make the Green Recovery a reality, the signatories insist on the potential of investments in up-to-date energy and digital skills as well as higher qualification. The #Skills4Climate campaign, launched by EuropeOn and its partners last fall, has acquired even more relevance in the context of the recovery.

Julie Beaufils, EuropeOn Secretary General explained: “Investing in Skills for Climate means investing in a Green Recovery. We know there is a virtuous circle that starts with investing in green and digital skills. Such investments will materialise the energy transition, which will in turn boost growth in the clean energy sector, accelerating both employment in green activities and climate-neutrality achievement, which leads to matching skills investments, thus closing the loop.”

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