Member’s Corner: New Tekniq CEO will try and adopt a constructive approach to deal with the crisis

The current Corona-crisis will push the development of electrical businesses in a better and more efficient direction. That is the message from Troels Blicher Danielsen who in May took over the position of CEO at the Danish association of electrical contractors, TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne.


– “I don’t really like to cross my arms”, Troels Blicher Danielsen explains, while the photographer keeps on shooting.

As a former public servant, Troels Blicher Danielsen has been used to embrace a multitude of tasks as a part of the political machinery. He recently chose to end 16 years of public service in exchange for a career as CEO at TEKNIQ Arbejdsgiverne. He explains how he sees his job from now on as the successor for Niels Jørgen Hansen who held the position for 31 years:

– “It probably won’t be an easy task to take over from Niels Jørgen, so I take on the job with both humility and patience – even though those are not usually the traits I use the most.”

Use the crisis

Currently, Denmark, along with the rest of the world, struggles under a dark Corona cloud. Electrical contractors experience a striking lack of new projects and customers. According to the new CEO, it is important to keep the construction industry running. However, he also predicts that we have only seen the beginning of the crisis.

– “When it comes to unemployment, I am rather pessimistic – simply because fear tends to affect consumers’ demand. Much depends on how our trading partners abroad will get through the crisis. Unfortunately, it looks as if the situation is worse in many countries than here in Denmark. If the economy collapses it will affect us all, but at the same time we have a duty to try and adopt a constructive approach to deal with the crisis”, says Troels Blicher Danielsen.

It is crucial for him to make use the learnings generated by the crisis . Video conferences and the ability to work away from the office have suddenly become part of everyday life for the majority. It makes sense to use this as a stepping stone for further business development.

– “Digitization of the way we run our businesses is not a goal in itself, but the ability to work more efficiently is! If you want to have success on the competitive international market, then you have to constantly work on optimizing your company”, says Troels Blicher Danielsen.

He also sees a huge potential when it comes to taking advantage of the constant development of new technologies – which applies to both electrical contractors and the rest of the business community.

– “All parts of the production chains in the entire society are constantly becoming more digitalized. They produce data that can for example be transformed into a service agreement with customers. This is a market that markedly predicts growth and potential”, the CEO explains. 

The green age

Currently the green transformation has temporarily left center stage to be replaced by a virus from China, but that does not mean that the battle for the climate is less important. According to Troels Blicher Danielsen, the green wave awaits on the other side of the current crisis … it simply has to do.

– “The investments needed to overcome the crisis have to be green – that is the only option that makes sense. I believe that when people will look back to this period, 100 years from now, they will see the years from 1970 to 2050 as the era where we transformed society and chose a greener direction”, he says.

He compares the situation now with the beginning of the industrial age at the end of the 17th century and the following 100 years after that. Back then there were also a lot of unforeseen bumps and turns along the way.

– “The development of new technologies is also driven by crises. So, with that in mind the current crisis can be converted into a golden opportunity to find innovative green solutions”, says Troels Blicher Danielsen.

Strategic thinking on the court

The ability to think strategically is not only part of Troels Blicher Danielsen’s work. Ever since he was a child and well into his adult years, he has both played and coached European handball.

He pauses briefly before trying to explain why handball is the best sport.

– “Tactical handball is quite unique. I still believe it is the only game where you can score as a coach. It is a very disciplined game where tactics and strategy are vital”, says Troels Blicher Danielsen.

Text: Michael Degn