EuropeOn reply to the Consultation on the Renovation Wave

EuropeOn, the electrical contractor’s association welcomes this initiative and supports the decarbonisation of Europe’s building stock. Electrical contractors employ the qualified professionals carrying out electrical work and installations in buildings and on infrastructure from solar PV and home batteries, EV-charging, heat-pumps and build- ing automation.

A massive pan-European initiative investing heavily in renovation of electrical and technical installations in buildings is the most appropriate response to the twin challenges of climate change and recovery Europe is currently facing. Accounting for about 36% of the bloc’s GHG emissions, buildings must be addressed with urgency if the EU is to meet its Paris Agreement commitments. Now, the exigency of economic stimuli and the projected endowments of the latter call for labour-intensive and high value-added targets such as building renovations. Energy renovations will stimulate our economy locally, with the involvement of SMEs and independent workers, and contribute to our climate objectives in a much-needed manner while improving quality of life in the built environment.

This Renovation Wave initiative has the potential to help relaunch our economy in the most sustain- able way and future-proof our fast-ageing building stock. However, in order to make the most out of these investments, electrical contractors have formulated recommendations.

Read the full recommendations here.