A wind of change is blowing at EuropeOn with new personnel appointed at first online Annual General Meeting

Every year, we look ahead to the autumn and to our Annual General Meeting, usually followed by our Annual Conference. All representatives of EuropeOn’s member associations and secretariat get to meet face-to-face to discuss the latest developments in the electrical contracting world and see where the new trends, opportunities and challenges lie for the year to come.

However, this year our events had to move online. This has not kept us from engaging in insightful discussions and sharing best practices in this unprecedented time. But this year was special as EuropeOn appointed new personnel to sit on its board and to lead the secretariat.

EuropeOn’s new General Secretary took office in March but was formally appointed buring our internal proceedings with overwhelming support from the members, already praising the good work of the secretariat in coordinating exchanges between members to align responses to the Covid pandemic and lockdown measures.

EuropeOn is also delighted to announce two new board members.

Kimmo Hallamaa, from EuropeOn Finnish member STUL, has been appointed as a board member. After two mandates on the board of STUL, Mr. Hallamaa will bring his experience from Finland to the EU scene with his involvement in EuropeOn’s board. A true entrepreneur with previous international experience, he has been the owner of a holding in the electrical sector for over 10 years.

Tom Lindquist, from EuropeOn Danish member Tekniq Arbejdsgiverne, has also been appointed to EuropeOn’s board, after serving on the board of his national association, Tekniq. Mr. Lindquist has been the CEO of a leading electrical business with over 130 professionals specialized in automation and advanced electric solutions for over 16 years and sits on boards of various companies in the electricity sector.  

The EuropeOn Secretariat is looking forward to harnessing the experience and insights of these active actors of the electrical contracting sector in its management structure to best inform EU debates with the most up-to-date and informative content.

Sadly, new arrivals mean that others are leaving. EuropeOn and its members took this last opportunity to bid farewell to Gunnar Gran and Giorgia Concas. Mr. Gran has been a long-serving EuropeOn board member and President, bringing the leading Norwegian perspective on electrical installations to European discussions. He will be missed by his peers, who thanked him for his years of service, recognizing his contribution to the sector. Ms. Concas was the previous General Secretary of EuropeOn and left shortly before Covid. She will be remembered as the one who led the rebranding efforts, ushering in a new era for the association.

Finally, our next annual event will take place in Luxembourg on 7-8 October 2021, if travel and conferences are allowed.

We hope to see you there!