Media Partner’s Corner – KNX Virtual Reality APP: Experience a virtual tour of a smart home with

The KNX Virtual Reality App (KNX VR) is an exciting new way of taking a tour around a virtual smart home. By using this app in combination with any VR headset, you can experience all functions and benefits available in an entry-level Smart Home. The tour takes you through three rooms where you can discover a Smart Home, and find out what KNX technology can do.

The KNX VR App can be used with any iOS or Android mobile device in combination with any virtual reality headset.

Not only end-customers will love this!

We are already convinced of how great the KNX technology is, that’s why we want to share this experience with end-customers as well as professionals. You can download it and quickly appreciate the wonders of a smart home. The app demystifies how a smart home works, and reassures the customer how it can be implemented without disrupting their normal way of life. The app can also be used as a powerful marketing tool to help potential customers understand the benefits of having a smart home based on KNX.

Virtual interaction, a simple way to experience the benefits of a smart home

The KNX VR App delivers a tour through a three-roomed residence. You start at the entrance of the home, then move to the living room and dining room and then to the kitchen, finally leaving the home via a back-door. You interact with different applications such as light dimming and switching, shutter control, A/V control, scenes, alarm control, etc.

Get it now

Download links and more information can be found at or directly download it the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The App is free of charge.