Members’ Corner – Dare to choose training and jobs in the electrical industry

EuropeOn Belgian member Techlink supports its partner organization’s, Volta, new long-term campaign to counter the current shortage of electrical professionals: around 2,000 professionals will be needed over the next two years. And the shortage continues to worsen. With the energy transition, for example, more and more skilled electricians are needed. Volta strives to encourage young people and adults to take up training and careers in our sector through social media, the internet and its teaching materials.

Investing in Technical and Vocational Education is a necessity

Volta Director Peter Claeys: “It’s unfortunate that too few of the young people with talent and motivation for technology are choosing technical or vocational training. Volta therefore calls for continued investment in attractive technical secondary education and vocational secondary education, because this is precisely where we find the practice-oriented (STEM) curricula that train skilled and specialized technicians, offering a combination of theory and practice. Here young people can develop their minds, manual skills and creativity.

Job security and surprising professional opportunities

“As an industry organization, we want to encourage young people (and their parents) but also all those who wish to do so to trust in their talent,” continues Peter Claeys. “Dare to opt for training and careers in the electrical industry because they guarantee job security and numerous career opportunities for all those involved. And with good reason, since there are more than 26 professions in the electrical engineering sector, ranging from photovoltaic panel installers to stage technicians.

New campaign with a long-term focus

With its “new way” (Nouvelle Façon) campaign, Volta also wants to support teachers in their role as advisers on educational choices. “They know better than anyone else how to identify young people’s “taste” for technology and engage parents in this conversation. We also want to show that today, in addition to the traditional full-time training, there are many other possibilities in secondary education: there are, for example, dual training courses, which combine learning at school with work in a company. And thanks to the short-term training courses in adult education, a bank employee can quickly make the switch and become a competent electrical technician,” concludes Peter Claeys.

Promotional channels

Children from 10 to 14 years old are engaged via, the Instagram account and Elektroclub’s YouTube channel. For youngsters and adults in training there is, the Instagram account, the Facebook account Watt’s UP for electro fans and the YouTube channel of Watt’s UP.

Techlink’s reaction

“Techlink can only support this campaign by Volta! The needed influx of professionals towards installation trades (electrical engineer and HVAC/S) is an aspect that Techlink would like to emphasize even more. Because the installer plays a key role in the energy transition. This transition does not only depend on adequate training and information, it also requires the identification of “best practices”. More and more young, progressive installers are showing enthusiasm for new and sustainable technologies. They could in turn be a source of inspiration for young people”, concludes our Managing Director, Kris Van Dingenen.

Good To Know!

In the previous issue of Power+, in the article “The struggle to find and keep skilled workers” (pp. 18-26), we provided an analysis of the problem, in which several experts shared their vision and solutions.

You can find the original article in Techlink’s Power + magazine from November 2020.