How can electrical contractors make the most of the storage boom? Join our Members-only webinar about battery storage on March 16th!

Empowering consumers and prosumers

With the rise of prosumer installations across Europe, the question of battery storage has become increasingly salient for electrical contractors. As our economies move towards climate neutrality, such systems could become more common, especially in countries that are relying on electrification as the most efficient pathway to reducing emissions.

Indeed, storage technologies are the way to go to maximise the (self-consumption) potential of a solar PV system and to enable consumers to become prosumers and effectively take active part in the energy transition. But the consumer benefits do not stop there. Many new business models are popping up in the context of the green and digital transitions, fuelled by the growing number of governments in Europe and beyond committing to climate neutrality and implementing green agendas. Consumers have now more possibilities to participate in energy markets both explicitly and implicitly, provided they have the technological means offered by, for instance, storage systems. Implicitly, they can adapt their consumption to match renewable power generation already with smart devices, and storage will enable them to stock up on grid power when prices are low or even negative. Explicitly, consumers, or prosumers at this point, can sell power when demand and prices are high.

Consumers can thus lower their energy bills while engaging with the energy transition and grid operators have access to a new kind of flexibility. This is already a “win-win” but how can we make this a “win-win-win” scenario, where electrical contractors also contribute and benefit from this new trend?

Storage: a technical and market approach

This is precisely the aim of our webinar. Reaping the full benefits of the battery storage trend means being ready on a technical level with the right skills, in order to ensure safety and efficiency of the installation, and on a marketing level by knowing where the market is going and targeting potential customers that could be receptive to cross-selling. Our webinar will gather the different technical and market perspective around Europe to give an all-round picture of how electrical contractors can tackle this new challenge.

We will start with a speaker from Nelfo, the Norwegian electrical contractors’ association. Nelfo has already drafted a technical guidebook for their installers to get ahead of the expected storage boom. With impressive electrification figures, it makes sense to equip as many Norwegian homes as possible with storage systems and installers will have to be ready to face this rapidly growing demand while ensuring the electrical fire safety of these systems.

Then, we turn to the safety perspective with the European Forum for Domestic Electrical Safety (FEEDS) for a wider view on the electrical safety needs of the energy transition. With about 25%-30% of domestic fires having an electrical origin, the growth of storage will require qualified installers and regular inspections.

On the marketing side, we turn to our British colleagues from ECA, for an insight into the ways electrical contractors can grow their business with storage technologies, and the further business opportunities that they bring. For the sectoral perspective, our speaker from SolarPower Europe will present their latest “European market outlook for residential battery storage”, investigating synergies between solar PV and storage as well as the regulatory pathways towards their uptake. Finally, our KNX speaker will highlight the benefits of integrated electrical systems and smart homes, where storage technologies are key.


This event, scheduled on the 16th of March from 2 to 4 PM CET, is for EuropeOn members and their own members only! If you haven’t received your invitation yet, please write to us at