The Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety launches its new media campaign on electrical safety

The Forum for European Electrical Domestic Safety (FEEDS), of which EuropeOn is a long-time member, has recently started a new media campaign on Twitter, to raise European citizens’ awareness on electrical safety, with practical recommendations and clear comic-like illustrations.

FEEDS, gathering fellow stakeholders such as Europacable, CECAPI (Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers), the European Fire Safety Alliance, the European Copper Institute, FISUEL and ANEC (the European consumer voice in standardisation), aims to contribute to a safe, just and ambitious Energy Transition mainly focused on electrification by:

  • Providing data on domestic fires from electrical source at European level and for each European country,
  • Promoting proven solutions at EU and country level to reduce electrical accidents and fires from electrical source in dwellings,
  • Putting electrical safety as a pre-requisite to the deep renovation and deployment of on-site production, storage and increase consumption of 132 million dwellings across Europe with obsolete electrical installations,
  • Drawing attention at all policy levels on the close connection between energy poverty and electrical safety for vulnerable communities,
  • Participating in the achievement of the Green Deal targets.

FEEDS’ new campaign is designed to run all-year long, with a new theme each month, in line with the seasonal concerns (such as gardening in Spring or dealing with hot temperature in Summer).

The campaign and its illustrations are open-source and are meant to be shared. You can find more information at: