Join us on 23 June to discuss the image of the installation sectors

As part of the missions of EuropeOn’s new Skills Group, a series of roundtables around skills and attractiveness of the sector will be organised in the coming months, starting on 23 June with a roundtable on: 

Image of the installation sectors: Looking at the roots of (un)attractiveness & how to challenge them

As expressed in our Skills4Climate campaign, launched in 2019, no matter how high Europe’s ambitions are for the twin transition, we need professionals who can implement this change, and electrical contractors are one of the key stakeholders responsible for performing that function. However, electrical contracting businesses are currently experiencing a shortage of both overall workforce and skilled workforce.

While electrical contracting businesses are actively working on attracting new talents, EuropeOn is taking part in this reflection and is going back to the roots of the attractiveness and unattractiveness of the installation sectors, in partnership with GCP Europe (representing the mechanical contracting sector).

Our assumption is that, even though this may vary from one country to the next, our sector suffers from a poor image, coupled with a poor image of technical education. This situation relies on outdated misconceptions of our trades. Furthermore, the new diversity of missions and career paths the electrical and mechanical branches have to offer are too little known.

On 23 June in the morning, our first roundtable will focus on concrete examples of initiatives launched by our national contracting associations to both debunk the clichés and emphasise the inspiring dimensions of the sector and the results they have achieved. A discussion will follow, in order for attendees and speakers to reflect on the main learnings of this roundtable, hopefully leading to new local initiatives and enhanced strategies to attract new profiles in our growing sector.

EuropeOn and GCP Europe’s members are welcome to join this event. If you are interested, you can write to us at: