Media Partner’s Corner – KNX Smart Energy Summit Smart energy management with KNX

Energy transition, climate protection, sector coupling – keywords that indicate the shift in the energy industry. To achieve meaningful climate protection goals, it is essential to take a more holistic view of sectors of energy consumption such as electricity use, heat generation and transport.

These topics were highlighted with numerous solutions in a series of events at the “KNX Smart Energy Summit” on the 20th of May.

KNX Energy Management is a proactive approach with the goal to supply optimised energy usage according to the needs of users at any given time. The goal is to promote the use of green electricity by linking these sectors in an intelligent energy management system, to give preference to energy-efficient technologies and consequently to reduce the use of fossil fuels. This same system can also decide what is the best to do with the energy in the home or building, starting from its generation through to whether it should be consumed or stored, according to the key parameters of being efficient and preferring energy from renewable sources.

You can discover all presentations and solutions by visiting the KNX Smart Energy Summit page and get insights on these topics on-demand.