Powering green jobs growth with electrical contractors: The job potential of electric renovations and prosumer installations

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Brussels, 13 July 2021 – EuropeOnthe European association of electrical contractors, just released a new report estimating that 383.000 jobs can be created between now and 2030 by deploying 3 key prosumer technologies: rooftop solar, prosumer batteries and electric vehicle charging points. It also shows that the EU Renovation Wave stands to create about 270.000 jobs by successfully doubling annual rates of renovations across the EU. While the prosumer and renovations figures may overlap, they do not include indirect jobs and only pertain to jobs for electrical contractors, and come on top of the 1.8 million professionals already active in this sector.

In its new report “Powering green jobs growth with electrical contractors“, EuropeOn calls on EU policymakers to harness the revision of key legislation in the Fit for 55 package to unlock this job potential and drive growth in the green economy. With the Green Deal objectives and the need for a green recovery, Europe is on the verge of a turning point and must #ElectrifyNow to reach both climate and economic objectives in a timely and competitive manner.

National policymakers will also have a key role to play to ensure that the relevant workforce is sufficiently available to deploy electrified technologies and invest in up- and re-skilling strategies to equip professionals with the green and digital skills needed to handle the most advanced clean energy technologies.

Julie Beaufils, EuropeOn Secretary General said: “Electrification jobs are not a quick fix but rather an all-round no-regret solution enabling European decision makers to stimulate employment while reaching our climate objectives. The EU now has an unprecedented opportunity to head in the right direction by giving the adequate support for end-use electrification through its Fit for 55 package. Strong commitments in this regard will provide the visibility and assurance electrical SMEs across Europe need to thrive and foster European leadership in the energy transition.”