Members’ Corner – Boosting circular skills: Discover the new H2020 project BUS-GoCircular

ISSO is a Dutch research institute aiming at disseminating knowledge related to construction and installation technologies. They often pair up with EuropeOn’s member Techniek Nederland, as it is the case for this new EU-funded project.

With the start of September this year, Horizon 2020 project BUS-GoCircular was launched. In this project, partners from 9 EU-countries* join forces to stimulate market demand for sustainable energy skills. The aim is to find out how circularity can add value in the field of multifunctional green roofs, facades, and interior elements.

For electrical installers, it is interesting to learn how circular economy principles can be applied for fitting solar-PV systems and the use of smart sensors in and on roofs and facades.

In order to implement circularity, a set of learning outcomes addressing applied circular skills will be developed. These learning outcomes will form the outset of a broad range of trainings and activities that stimulate both supply and demand of skills in the market throughout the entire value chain.

Additionally, BUS-GoCircular will focus on the labour market in the built environment sectors, for example by setting up mentoring programmes for young adults, women and second career employees.

Both national and regional networks will be used to make impact. For example, in the Netherlands ISSO cooperates on this with EuropeOn member Techniek Nederland.

Meanwhile, the project’s EU-wide collaboration is a contribution to co-creation and the sharing of learnings. Do you want to know more? Follow BUS-GoCircular on LinkedIn.

* partners from 9 EU-countries are based in: the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Belgium and Germany