Media Partner’s Corner – The ETS6Days: An event to remember for the whole KNX Community and the world

In 2020, the KNX Community voted “The release of the ETS5” in 2014 as the most memorable event in the 31 year old history of KNX. The launch of a new ETS version has therefore always been a magic moment, which affected the KNX industry and foremost the entire KNX Community.

6 years later, KNX Association is proud to celebrate the release of the new ETS6 during with a dedicated 2-day event on November 25th and 26th. Thanks to the support of more than 20 KNX National Groups with in-person and online events, the ETS6Days are living up to the task, which is to create again another (if not the best) milestone for the KNX technology and memory for the KNX community. 

Smarter, more secure and more open:

ETS6, the new version of the popular professional KNX tool for automating smart homes and buildings is now available.

ETS6 is the only tool available able to integrate +8000 products offered by +500 manufacturers in the world of Smart Homes and Buildings. Plan, design, and commission all in one tool. Save time by easy programming with the new ETS Professional. Open to integrate all possible applications in one solution, ready for IoT.

Join the ETS6Days all over the world and celebrate a new international milestone

To celebrate the release of ETS6, the KNX Association is pleased to announce the ETS6Days on 25th and 26thof November.

The release of ETS6 has marked the day of a new era in the world of smart homes and smart buildings. To make this release an international milestone, KNX Association as well as the KNX National Groups cordially like to invite you to participate in one of the 20+ events all over the world! 

For the KNX Community by the KNX Community

The KNX National Groups will host events all over the world. Together with the entire KNX Community, the ETS6Days are destined to create new memories, which are created by the KNX Community for the Community.

Join us on the 25th and 26th of November to make history once again. More information about each event can be found at