Media Partner’s Corner: KNX Secure is there to use!

Following heavy investments from both the KNX members as well as the KNX Association, last year and this year tangible KNX Secure products saw the light. All these products were submitted to the stringent KNX certification process, during which their conformity to implemented AES128 authentication and encryption mechanisms are put to the test. Together with the ETS, this allows the installer/integrator to now evaluate in which cases the use of KNX Secure products brings added value to the KNX installation. A list of all KNX Secure products can be found here.

KNX Secure offers maximum protection

Home and building automation with KNX is secure. The KNX technology follows all necessary security regulations. The KNX Secure technology is standardised according to EN 50090-3-4, which means that KNX successfully blocks hacker attacks on the digital infrastructure of networked buildings. Thus minimising the risk of digital break-ins.

Moreover, KNX Secure meets the highest encryption standards (according to ISO 18033-3, such as AES 128 CCM encryption) in order to effectively prevent attacks on the digital infrastructure of buildings and to achieve the highest level of data protection.

KNX Secure guarantees maximum protection by offering a double protection. KNX IP Secure extends the IP protocol in such a way that all transferred telegrams and data are completely encrypted. KNX Data Secure effectively protects user data against unauthorised access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication.

Secure your installation by following the KNX Secure checklist

To ensure maximum security in your KNX Installations, KNX Association designed a KNX Secure Checklist, where you can find a step-by-step overview on everything that needs to be considered to achieve a secure KNX installation. This checklist has been designed to make sure that people are not trying to take advantage of possible security loopholes in installations. In many installations, such loopholes are unfortunately very straightforward. Download the KNX Secure Checklist here.

KNX Association also offers a more comprehensive KNX Secure guide, intended for both installers as well as KNX manufacturers to learn about the current measures that can be undertaken to increase security of KNX installations.

A commitment for all of us

KNX is a secure technology and KNX Association is determined to keeping it so. Therefore, all parties (building designers, system integrators, installers…) need to commit themselves to correctly apply the security measurements that are required. More information about available devices, webinars and events can be found in the KNX Secure Newsletter by KNX Association.