Media Partners’ Corner – The benefits of GHG Quota Trading

Do you have customers who operate charging infrastructure or are looking for a professional EV Charging solution? Become a solutions partner and let your customers benefit from the German emissions quota trading system. Via the be.ENERGISED EV Charging platform from has·to·be, your customers get one-click access to the German quota trading system. This means additional revenue and immediate reinvestment!

We help solutions partners from industries such as energy, electrical engineering, real estate and facilities management, as well as specialized EV Charging service providers, set up profitable business cases.

One-click access to the German emissions quota trading system

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How your customers can profit from the GHG quota

Germany’s Federal Emission Control law supports eMobility by requiring petroleum companies to reduce the carbon emissions of the fuels they supply. They must use penalty payments or trade with low carbon fuel providers to compensate for the emissions they cannot reduce. Our service, meanwhile, offers a simple and profitable gateway to the German quota trading system. You’ll be guaranteed a fixed price regardless of any market trends that may develop over the course of the year. And for every traded kilowatt-hour of electricity delivered by a publicly accessible charge point, has·to·be gmbh will invest one cent in developing renewable energies.

Getting involved is easy!

A single click in the be.ENERGISED station datasheet is all a charging infrastructure operator needs to access our emissions quota trading system. We’ll offer a fixed price per kilowatt-hour, which will remain valid for the full trading year. Emissions quota will be traded for the whole year, starting in January 2022.

Here’s how emissions quota trading for the German market with has·to·be gmbh works

  1. has·to·be’s charging infrastructure operator clients grant it the exclusive right to carry out emissions quota trading related to all electricity delivered via publicly accessible charge points (for both public and private charging sessions).
  2. has·to·be handles certifying the electricity in question with local authorities and takes care of emissions quota trading with petroleum companies.
  3. The charging infrastructure operators get income from the emissions quota trades, as per the fixed price defined for the entire trading year.
  4. has·to·be invests one cent per kilowatt-hour from emission quota trading in the expansion of renewable energies, thus making EV Charging even greener.

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