Register to Eurelectric’s Power Summit / Game changers

EuropeOn is a partner of Eurelectric’s Power Summit, that will take place in Brussels on 15 and 16 June. Over two days, participants will be discussing the necessary game changers in policy, technology, finance and people to effectively deliver on ambitious goals for the energy transition.

The game has changed. Time to change the rules.

If ever there was a time to change the rules of the game, this is it.

Energy prices are skyrocketing. The war in Ukraine has put Europe’s energy independence at the top of the political agenda. The Electric Decade, a revolution powered by clean and decarbonised electricity, must accelerate drastically to keep up with a changing geopolitical landscape. Which game changers, which structural solutions, can we envisage? This is the theme of the 2022 Power Summit. 

Because sustainable change requires a clear strategy.

The Power Summit, our award-winning annual conference, is where leaders of the European power sector and top decision-makers will come together to exchange ideas and discuss the game-changing solutions needed for policy, technology, finance, and people. Join Heads of State, Commissioners, CEOs, and civil society to debate the game-changing strategies vital for the energy transition and discover how we can accelerate the Electric Decade together.

The game has changed. Time to change the rules. And play for our energy future.