EuropeOn position paper for the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) ahead of the EU inter-institutional discussions

Brussels, May 2022

After the EU Commission released its proposal for a recast of the EPBD last December, and in view of the upcoming discussions within and between co-legislators (EU Parliament and Council), EuropeOn shares an updated version of its position paper.

Electrical contractors and installers, a sector of over 1.8 million professionals across Europe, take an active role in helping consumers and end-users improve the energy performance of buildings. For instance, they are competent for installing or renovating electrical systems, integrating rooftop PV or EV charging points, and setting up automation and control systems.

EuropeOn welcomes the Commission’s proposal for a revised EPBD and attracts EU policymakers’ attention on 5 targeted suggestions for a successful implementation:

1. Address skills and workers shortages to turn this threat to mass renovations into an opportunity for our economy

2. Ensure EPCs reflect the intrinsic energy performance of buildings

3. Duly consider electrical installations

4. Ensure buildings are fully charging-ready

5. Fully harness the efficiency potential of BACS

**Download the full EPBD position paper HERE**