A skills-related project led by EuropeOn members and partners gets support from Erasmus+

With close to 2 million professionals across Europe, the electrical contracting sector is a major actor in the implementation of the green and digital transition. This makes us acutely aware of the need to attract, train, up-skill and retain qualified workers so that we can provide sustainable, comfortable and safe infrastructure to citizens and companies.

If you read us regularly, you know that we are relentlessly calling on national and European policymakers to ensure that the energy and climate targets they have set be matched with targets to provide qualified workers in sufficient numbers. Unfortunately, skills and labour policies are generally not treated with the same emphasis as climate and energy ones, when they should be closely intertwined. As a result, everywhere in Europe, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find professionals with the right skills for the green and digital transition.

This is the issue we raise through our Skills4Climate campaign. We are also working with our members to exchange best practices in terms of trainings and attractiveness and lead projects together.

In this context, EuropeOn is proud to announce that we are taking part in a new Erasmus+ project that will address some of the challenges related to skills and workers shortages.

Led by the Luxembourgish Centre de Compétences, the project focuses on improving comparability of education systems in the electricity sector across Europe while making it better fit for climate and labour market trends. This will result in the definition of a common qualification framework.

The project will run for 2 years. The other partners are: our Swedish member Installatörsföretagen and the Dutch and Belgian training centers ISSO and Volta.

Findings and results will be shared throughout the project. A detailed presentation of the project will take place during our 2022 Installers’ Summit (see other news). All representatives of the electrical contracting sector in Europe are welcome to participate and can contact us at info@europe-on.org