EuropeOn gets ready for the 2022 Installers’ Summit in Luxembourg (17-18 November)

At last, the EuropeOn community will meet for its annual gathering in Luxembourg city on the 17th and the 18th of November, thanks to our host Fédération du Génie Technique. The last time this event took place face to face was in Montreux, Switzerland, back in 2019.


Besides our internal reunions, this will be the occasion to learn more about the Luxembourgish perspective on the diverse challenges and opportunities our sector is facing. In particular, we will enjoy a detailed tour of the Centre de Compétences, the crafts training center financed by our Luxembourgish member and other partners. This is the ideal time to visit, as the Centre just received the green light for an Erasmus+ funded project which will be beneficial to all EuropeOn members (see other news).

We are also looking forward to our annual conference on 18 November, in cooperation with GCP Europe, our sister organisation representing mechanical contractors. An overarching theme for this conference will be energy efficiency, a topic which is more than ever before under the spotlight. Electrical and mechanical contractors have a major role to play when advising their clients, whether they are individual consumers, companies or the industry. Several relevant case examples from Luxembourg will be shared.

In order to bridge the gap between Luxembourgish and European policies, which speaker can be in a better position than Mr. Claude Turmes? Indeed, we are pleased to announce that the Grand Duchy Minister for energy and former Member of the European Parliament will engage with EuropeOn, GCP Europe and all participants during our conference.

Finally, we will also keep some time for representatives of the electrical and mechanical contracting sectors to interact in a more direct way through a series of workshops.

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A big thanks to our media partners are KNX and ChargePoint!