Media Partners’ Corner – ChargePoint EV charging solution

Today we are excited to introduce ChargePoint’s expanded EV charging solutions. Now with also having the portfolio of has·to·be and ViriCiti under the ChargePoint roof, we can build on the teams, customer bases, and technology we’ve respectively developed to grow our market leadership in EV charging.

ChargePoint offers everything you need for charging infrastructure projects – expertise, experience, industry-leading backend, and high-quality hardware with easy commissioning and activation. No programming or configuration tasks are required. Regardless of the type of business, there are different software packages to successfully deploy the charging solution.

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The right software is the key to success

The ChargePoint backend provides a seamless, cross-platform EV charging solution for all use cases. Whether at home, at work, on the road, for company cars, fleet vehicles, or private employee cars. Centralize and manage all charging activities with the same platform. You get comprehensive data and reports on all charging activities, helping to manage drivers and fleet vehicles and keep operations running efficiently. Through our software, one can easily scale in many areas: Station management, pricing, energy, driver, and vehicle management.

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The ChargePoint solution is easy to install and sell

Our global network of preferred distribution partners allows us to deliver products in volume and at scale wherever and whenever EV charging is needed. These premier partners also help support the electrical contractors who install the infrastructure necessary to make e-mobility a reality in cities, along roadways, and throughout communities around the world. While we offer best-in-class charging hardware, software, and service solutions in the business, it’s our diverse partnerships with value-added resellers and others that allow us to quickly identify needs and leap into action to provide ChargePoint customers with the expertise they need to get the job done in the field.

Our product packages with hardware, software, and services, tailored specifically for your customers, facilitate your sales. ChargePoint takes care of the initial customized setup of the charging stations and the backend. Initial training of your customer is also provided by ChargePoint.

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