Members’ Corner – Securing the supply of skills, a prerequisite for electrification

Securing the supply of skills, a prerequisite for electrification

The Swedish Government has commissioned the Swedish Energy Agency to coordinate a national effort to provide skills for electrification. The Installatörsföretagen, Swedish Installers’ Association and EuropeOn member, welcomes this decision. The authority will also promote closer collaboration between industry, the public sector and the education system.

“Sweden must lead the way in global climate ambition as industry, transport and other parts of society shift to net-zero emissions. A secure supply of skills is a fundamental prerequisite for electrification and for the energy transition, which otherwise risks being slowed down,” says Minister for Energy and Digitalisation Khashayar Farmanbar.

The Installatörsföretagen and the Swedish Electricity Contractors Association are in favour of the Energy Agency’s mission.

“It is very gratifying to see the government give this task tot he Swedish Energy Agency. The Swedish Electrical Contractors Association and Installatörsföretagen have worked determinedly for this together with colleagues from the Energy Companies’ Association and the Technology Companies’ Association. We took a very important step together with all relevant authorities, ministries and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in June 2021 during a half-day workshop”, says Pär Lundström, Senior Advisor Business and Skills Policies at Installatörsföretagen.

The government recognises that the energy sector’s attractiveness needs to be strengthened to, among others, protect Sweden’s position in the global labour market and het green economy. Strengthening the sector’s attractiveness is also important to counteract the unequal gender distribution in the educational pathways relevant to electricity and energy, which has long limited the recruitment base for the sector.

Through closer collaboration and a common vision, public authorities, industry players and the education system can contribute to an energy sector that is equal and inclusive for all. In this respect, Installatörsföretagen is a key contributor to this effort and is happy to put its knowledge to good use.

The government’s mandate to the energy agency:

  • Coordinate a joint effort for the supply of skills for electrification.
  • Clarify skills needs from a holistic perspective in view of electrification for the transition to a fossil-free energy system,
  • Promote closer collaboration between authorities and industry players on the supply of skills needed for
  • Identify potential barriers and challenges to skills supply in the energy sector and related sectors and propose measures to address short and long-term skills needs.
  • The Energy Agency shall submit a final report by 1 December 2024

Read the full press release (in Swedish)