Looking forward to welcoming all our members at our Annual General Meeting and Installers’ Summit!

Next week EuropeOn members will come together for the first time since Covid struck for our Annual General Meeting, followed by our Installers’ Summit, which consists in joint discussions and conference with our sister organization GCP Europe. Our events will take place in Luxembourg, hosted by our local member Federation du Génie Technique.

On Thursday 17, we’ll start with our Annual General Meeting, which will be followed by a visit to the leading Centre des Compétences, the competence centre linked to our Luxembourgish member. This will be the opportunity for first-hand insight into how our colleagues handle the education and training that is the focus of so much debate as we prepare our members and professionals to meet the technical challenges of the energy transition.

On Friday 18, we’ll share our program with our colleagues from GCP Europe, representing the mechanical contractors, and start the day with joint workshops. In the afternoon, we’ll have our Annual Conference, together with GCP Europe.

The Installers’ Summit will include a varied selection of speakers addressing topical issues for the electrical and mechanical contracting sector in Luxembourg, such as transforming energy markets, smart appliances and the management of data or developments in e-mobility and heat pumps markets. As a teaser, our first speaker will be Claude Turmes, Minister for Energy and Spatial Planning in Luxembourg and former MEP. A message will also be delivered by Commissioner Nicolas Schmit, in charge of Employment and Skills.

We hope to see you there!

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If you haven’t registered yet, contact us at info@europe-on.org or y.zappone@fda.lu