Media Partners’ Corner – Be part of the global electric revolution with CP6000

By the end of 2022, there will be 25 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, and global EV sales are expected to make up more than 50% of sales in the majority of vehicle segments by 2040. No business or organization can afford to ignore EVs.

Therefore, we are excited to announce that we’re taking our charging portfolio to the next level with the addition of the ChargePoint 6000 Series (CP6000), a complete global platform for AC charging. CP6000 represents the future of AC charging, with complete visibility and control, a future-ready integrated design and a superior driver experience. Built on our decade-plus of experience serving EV drivers and all types of organizations, CP6000 has everything that businesses need to be part of the future of electric mobility and deliver a great driver experience.

We’ve tailored this solution from the ground up so the software and hardware work seamlessly together with new and improved comprehensive remote monitoring and diagnostics services to prevent and troubleshoot issues. As with every ChargePoint solution, our software gives businesses complete visibility and control over who can charge and when, and how much it costs. Additionally, the Waitlist functionality maximizes utilization so more drivers can visit and charge at any location. Every business can easily configure CP6000 to work for its customers, employees or visitors — no matter where they are or what they drive.

See the new station in action:

An evolution of our industry-leading product portfolio, CP6000 represents cutting-edge advances in charging hardware, offering superior modularity and configurability to meet business and driver needs. Built to be field replaceable and serviceable, the station includes advanced sensors for enhanced diagnostics and support. With integrated cable management to keep charging cables safe, clean and off the ground, CP6000 is ready for socketed or cabled use throughout Europe, with North America to follow soon.

Find out more about our new AC charging station: