Help us help you by filling our survey on electricians’ skills (Erasmus+ project)

EuropeOn is part of the “EQF elec” project, funded by Erasmus+, that aims to define a (optional) European reference framework of competences for electricians. The project is under the leadership of Centre de Compétences (Luxembourg) and in partnership with EuropeOn, Installatörsföretagen (Sweden), Volta vzw (Belgium) and Stichting ISSO (Netherlands).

If you follow us from time to time, you won’t be surprised to read that the European electrical installation sector in Europe faces many challenges:

– shortage of qualified and competent workers in the national and European labor markets,

– obstacles to the mobility of workers between regions and countries,

– problems associated with workers without a diploma/qualification,

– constantly evolving techniques and technologies, especially related to environmental and climate change challenges.

Creating and harmonising skills standards for electricians at European level will allow for better comparability of skills, but should also contribute to vertical and horizontal mobility of workers in the sector across Europe. The project also includes creating instruments to promote the comparability and assessment of workers’ skills and thus their professional and personal development. The skills reference framework will be useful at national level for further development of trainings and to recruit the correct profiles.

The first step of this project, for which EuropeOn is responsible, is a survey that will help the partners of the project to get an overview of labor market dynamics and training systems in selected European countries.

If you work for an organization involved in education and training issues, please look at the following short survey (focused on EQF 3 to 5, and mostly looking at electricians working in the building sector):

If you have a management/HR role in an electrical contracting business, please look at the following short survey (focused on the skills of electricians,  employees working in the building sector):

The management of replies will be handled in respect with GDPR requirements. The final overview of labour market dynamics and training systems will be publicly available and directly shared with respondents.