Media Partners’ Corner – Happy Charged-Up Year: ChargePoint’s experts 2023 predictions

Please find below ChargePoint experts’ 2023 predictions on electric vehicles and charging that they can shed some light on.

The 2023 driver experience

As EVs transition into the mainstream, we will continue to move towards a scenario where you can charge wherever you are, whether at home, at work, on the street or when you are shopping. At the same time, the increase in fast charging will reduce range issues, while advances in car electronics, software and mobile will accelerate an amenity-driven experience. How will all these elements work together to provide an all-round optimised EV experience for drivers next year?

The emergence of the 30-minute retail economy

EVs are on the rise, and in 2023 charging destinations will become the center of retail experiences. New hubs will emerge, populated with activities you can do in a 30-minute EV-charging period: from getting a coffee and a haircut to doing groceries. Accessibility and innovation must lie at the heart of this collaboration between commerce and charging – but how will this consumer-driven amenity and experience model play out in reality?

Fleetification in 2023

In 2023, fleet operators will be striving to be ahead of the curve once the energy crisis is over. The solution to achieving this will be electrification. The overall speed of fleet electrification will depend on how fast OEMs can ramp up production on the different classes of vehicles. But beyond speed, what other factors will fleet operators need to consider as they look to electrify?

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