EuropeOn invites value chain stakeholders for a dialogue on delivering the Green Deal

Right after our meeting with EU policymakers, EuropeOn members sat down with other stakeholders involved in the energy transition for a value chain dialogue. With participants representing electrical contractors (EuropeOn), heat pump manufacturers (EHPA), the solar PV sector (SolarPower Europe), the power industry (Eurelectric), mechanical contractors (GCP Europe) and electrical equipment wholesalers (EUEW), it was the time to talk through our common issues and understand each other’s positions.

Indeed, the energy transition has received a boost with the current energy crisis but that has also created issues with supply chains and our value chain’s capacity to meet demand. As consumers have massively turned to clean electrification during this crisis, the demand for heat pumps, solar and electrical upgrades in general has skyrocketed.

Electrical contractors are at the forefront of this transition and are among the first to experience gaps between supply and demand. For us, it is clear that two main issues are, on the one hand, the lack of applicants with modern green skills and on the other hand shortages of materials.  In many cases, consumers who want a rooftop PV system or a heat pump installed will have to wait up to a year because the devices are hard to come by and/or because the existing workforce is already working at full capacity.

Against this backdrop, EuropeOn decided to invite relevant stakeholders so that we can all work together towards our common goal. After thorough introductory presentations, all participants mingled for breakout sessions to discuss more specific issues such as: product supply, skills, quality of products, emerging business models or simplifying product installations.

After two hours of lively discussions, our participants went home with new contacts, new insights and a renewed sense of possibility to tackle the energy transition and ensure electrification can maintain its critical position and role to play!

A common statement is underway, so stay tuned!