Media Partners’ Corner – Charging Forward Fleet Report: Electrification is the way forward for every fleet

The time for fleets to electrify is now. Whether they’re light-duty vehicles handling the last mile of delivery from warehouses to homes, or heavy-duty semi-trucks pulling large loads across the country, fleet vehicles are the lifeblood of business. An unprecedented combination of sustainability goals, cost savings, and government regulations make now the time to discover these trends and opportunities, showing that the future is electric.

This report covers reasons for electrifying your fleet and what’s driving fleet electrification globally. Discover why every fleet can go electric and learn more about electrification commitments from cities, countries, and market-leading companies.

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Reasons for electrifying your fleet
  • What’s driving fleet electrification
  • Electrification commitments from cities and countries
  • Why every fleet can go electric
  • Electrification commitments from big companies

Find the report here: