Media Partners’ Corner – A Peek Inside ChargePoint’s Advanced Test Facility

The ChargePoint Advanced Test Facility sets a new benchmark for competitive product development within the EV charging industry. It contains a comprehensive testing suite that includes mechanical, environmental and operational stress tests conducted on both subsystems and fully assembled chargers. High-capacity test resources at the lab—including mechanical test fixtures, cycle testers, thermal chambers, a rain spray tester and ample amounts of high power—enable controlled testing of statistically significant sample sizes. We test through the new product introduction (NPI) phase and ongoing (ORT) to the product’s production end-of-life (EOL) to ensure our hardware is as reliable as possible and that this level of reliability is maintained throughout the product lifecycle. These tests also enable the assessment of design, material and manufacturing-induced risks and the mitigation of these risks with subsequent design iterations.

We rigorously test everything from rain, vibration, UV radiation to even dust testing. Read more about it here:

Or experience our in-house test facility as if you were there: Tour ChargePoint’s Advanced Test Facility