EuropeOn goes to NATO

EuropeOn General Secretary accompanied a delegation of our Norwegian members, from Nelfo, to NATO’s headquarters close to Brussels, in early February. Has the scope of action of our European electrical contractors’ association suddenly been reformed?

Of course not, however it is unquestionable that energy has always been a geopolitical challenge, and this has proven even more acute now that war is at Europe’s gates. A resilient energy supply implies diversifying energy suppliers and resources, being able to produce locally and interconnecting energy networks, all aspects in which our members play a key role. The same can apply to many other networks, including transport and communication, where electrical contractors are also active, e.g. on telecom networks and fibre optic deployment and maintenance.

In a time of interconnectedness and where energy is no longer mainly produced and supplied by public companies, there is an increasing need for public authorities to engage on strategic dialogues with the private sector, to ensure that networks are robust and resilient enough.