Value Chain Statement with 6 European Associations: delivering the Green Deal

9 March 2023

Earlier in February, under the impulse of EuropeOn, a “Value Chain Dialogue” took place in Brussels, gathering EuropeOn members and representatives from Eurelectric, European Electrical Wholesalers, European Heat Pump Association, GCP Europe and SolarPower Europe.

For one whole afternoon, participants discussed how our sectors can contribute to the green and digital transition and address the priority challenges to its implementation, especially with regards to supply and workforce shortages. All Value Chain Dialogue participants agreed on the pivotal role of installation professionals, responsible for concretely implementing the energy transition everywhere in Europe.

Key discussion points and areas for cooperation have been synthetised into a common statement signed by the 6 European associations, that is published today.

Industries are taking matters into their own hands. Indeed, roundtables centred mostly on identifying business drivers to literally “re-power Europe”, such as easing products supply for SMEs, aiming for quality and faster installations, and addressing skills-related challenges, including with regard to labour productivity. Improved access to product data was discussed as a way for all value chain stakeholders to develop new business models, enhance installers’ expertise to deploy new products, and mitigate supply shortages.

To read more about the meeting and the priorities we identified for cooperation with policymakers as well as between industries, check out the statement!