Members’ Corner – “Install Yourself in Your Professional Future”: great success for the new campaign of the Spanish association of electrical contractors!

In the bustling world of electrical installations, telecommunications, and climate control, FENIE, the Spanish federation of entrepreneurs in electrical installations, telecommunications, and air conditioning, is on a mission to show the bright career prospects in their sector, for all types of profiles and ages.

The campaign, titled “Install Yourself in Your Professional Future” (“Instálate en tu FUTURO PROFESIONAL”) demonstrates that the installation sector is a great place to work.

What’s most impressive is the campaign’s reach. Initially expecting around 4 million viewers, FENIE has tremendously exceeded this target, reaching over 10 million viewers. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s also about the quality of engagement. Viewers are not merely glimpsing the videos but watching them entirely, revealing the relevance of the message FENIE is conveying.

So what is it about?

Four promotional videos have been released, targeting four distinct audiences (14-18 years old, 18-25 years old, professionals seeking to change career, and finally the family and society at large). Each video highlights that becoming an electrical professional entails 100% employability.

The first phase, directed at youths aged 14 to 18, gained significant attention on TikTok. The second phase, targeting those aged 18 to 25 on both TikTok and Instagram, took the campaign to even greater heights.

The Federation commented “with these initial phases, we have far exceeded our reach expectations, and we consider it a great success to engage with younger audiences through these digital marketing campaigns, primarily focused on social media.”

Phases 3 and 4, scheduled for the last quarter of 2023, will further promote the installation sector as an exciting option specifically for professionals looking to retrain or for other potential professionals.

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