Keep up with the Electrification Alliance!

Did you know that electricity is only 24% of all the energy we consume in Europe? The rest is the petrol we put in our cars, the gas we burn in our boilers at home and so on – and it’s nearly all fossil.  

If we want to cut CO2 emissions, we’ve got to electrify our transport, heating and industry. The share of electricity in energy needs to go up to 60%.

Certain things we can’t electrify much – planes, ships, some heavy industry. There we’ll need clean fuels and renewable hydrogen. But it’ll always be cheaper to electrify if we can.  
That’s the key message of the “Electrification Alliance” which EuropeOn has set up with 10 different associations.
The Electrification Alliance already has a website, a Twitter account and a brand new LinkedIn account. Follow us here to get more news and info on how to go electric.
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