Join us at the FEEDS event during the 2023 European Fire Safety Week!

EuropeOn will be speaking on the skills and workforce dimension of electrical safety at the FEEDS workshop on “Electrical Safety and deployment of heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and charging points in buildings”.

Join us Tuesday November 14, for this in-person event in Brussels at the L42 business center, form 9:00 to 12:45.


What is it about?

To achieve decarbonization objectives, electrification technologies such as heat pumps (HPs), photovoltaic panels (PVs) and charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) will be massively deployed in buildings. Electrical safety is a necessary precondition.

Representatives from the EU Commission and the EU Parliament will explain how REPowerEU, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Heat Pump Action Plan will boost the deployment of these electrification technologies and discuss with fire safety experts how the EU can support Member States in adequately considering the safety aspects.

FEEDS will present new factsheets developed with the sector of heat pumps, PV, and EV charging for safe electrification and different representatives from the value chain will discuss their role to ensure electrical safety and a successful deployment of electrification technologies.

The workshop moderated by Theresa Griffin (FEEDS Chair) will take place in person in Brussels at the L42 business center and be followed by a networking lunch.

Have a look at the detailed agenda

Learn more about the European Fire Safety Week 2023 organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance.