Media Partners’ Corner – Highest security for smart buildings: KNX extends KNX Secure with a free online training and security check

Two additional KNX security tools for a safer smart living experience!

In the age of smart living, homes and buildings become more and more connected. The global demand for innovative building automation solutions based on KNX is increasing rapidly, with countless applications and equipment available. But like any other communication technology, smart homes and buildings can become a target for hackers. For years, KNX Association has been delivering the state-of-the-art solution to secure building automation systems at the highest level: KNX Secure. The mission: Protecting the most sensitive data from the most private sphere, your life!

KNX Secure: Protection at an internal data level and external IP levelĀ 

KNX Secure is designed to meet the highest encryption standards according to ISO 18033-3, such as AES 128 CCM encryption, to effectively prevent attacks on the digital infrastructure of buildings. It secures the IP communication between KNX devices by extending the IP protocol in such a way that all the exchanged data are completely encrypted. At the same time, KNX Secure protects user data against unauthorised access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication. Both mechanisms can be combined and used in parallel to achieve maximum security in smart buildings. Today, more than 400 certified KNX Secure devices are already available on the market.

Preventing access to KNX installations

In addition to KNX Secure, an online training provides KNX professionals with special security know-how. The course informs them about advanced strategies that they can employ to ensure solid security of all the systems they install. The KNX Association’s 30-minute online training “How to Prevent Access to KNX Installations” gives system integrators a comprehensive overview of the use of KNX Secure. All they need is a MyKNX account. The online training, which is free of charge, is an ideal complement to the ETS eCampus and is strongly recommended before enrolling on a certified KNX Basic Course. Those who complete the course will receive an official certificate.

KNX Secure Check: Verify your KNX installation’s protection online!

With the KNX Secure Check, KNX intensifies its efforts to provide the best security environment for building automation solutions and devices. Thanks to this new online tool, KNX professionals and users can check whether their KNX installation is protected against contacts over the Internet. With a simple click on a button, they can find out if the setup of their KNX installation is truly secure. The easy-to-use KNX Secure Check is available for free at