Media Partners’ Corner – Optimize power use, protect the grid and manage charging costs with the ChargePoint Dynamic Load Management solution

Electric vehicle (EV) sales grew more than 60% across Europe in July, validating the increasing popularity of this clean, affordable mode of transport. Rising numbers of EVs on the road increase demand for EV charging in all types of organizations, from fleets to workplaces, retail stores and hospitality locations. At the same time, this high demand for charging enhances the need for smart charge management to ensure that the growing number of EVs can charge without overloading the electrical grid. With the expansion of electric mobility, organizations need to become even more strategic about their energy use.

Fortunately, the ChargePoint Dynamic Load Management (DLM) solution provides a safe, cost-effective way to efficiently and effectively manage the energy distribution across a site to meet the growing demand for EV charging. With dynamic load management, organizations can optimize power distribution across a site, eliminate the risk of overloading the grid and manage both capital and operating costs. Let’s take a closer look at how the solution enables these benefits.

Optimize power distribution for EV charging

The Dynamic Load Management solution includes an energy gateway, a smart electricity meter and a router, all running on ChargePoint cloud-based software. The complete solution brings together hardware and software to enable continuous, real-time monitoring of energy consumption across a site to identify areas of high and low demand and dynamically redistribute loads to balance usage. 

The solution also enables demand response and peak shaving, reducing consumption at times of peak demand to avoid expensive extra costs. The load on specific electrical circuits can be reduced to prevent taxing the electrical grid, and it’s also possible to set power limits for the system overall.

Solutions like ChargePoint Dynamic Load Management help address concerns about EV charging overloading the grid. With the right pieces of hardware in place, backed by smart and proven software, it’s possible to manage energy demand and usage to protect the grid while ensuring the availability of charging. No major tradeoffs are needed — we can charge EVs and manage the grid, too.

Manage EV charging and energy costs

A major benefit of dynamic load management is the ability to avoid expensive upgrades to electric circuits and panels when installing EV charging. By limiting electricity use at each charger, it’s possible to charge more vehicles within the existing capacity at a location. This supports a rapid transition to electric mobility while enabling the electrical grid to grow intelligently as needed.

Be strategic about energy use, regardless of equipment

Seamless integration with all types of AC and DC chargers, existing building energy management systems, sensors and devices enables organizations to form an overall strategy for energy management at their location. While many organizations have been able to reduce their overall energy use with efficient buildings, appliances and practices, the addition of EV charging can represent a large energy load. It’s smart to create a strategy for dealing with this load in an intelligent way.

Set your EV journey up for success

The transition to EVs is an exciting one, and it’s totally possible with today’s electrical infrastructure. Count on ChargePoint Dynamic Load Management for a complete solution to help you efficiently distribute power in response to real-time conditions, prevent circuit overloading and optimize costs while charging vehicles as needed. With ChargePoint, you can transition to electric while safeguarding infrastructure, stabilizing the grid and saving costs along the way.

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