The Installers’ Summit has arrived in Brussels!


It is finally here, the Installers’ Summit, where representatives of electrical and mechanical installers from across Europe come to meet and exchange, is taking place this week from 8 to 10 November.

Organised by EuropeOn and GCP Europe, we are pleased to welcome our members to Brussels for a compelling programme including closed-door meetings and exchanges as well as a high-level conference held in the European Parliament this Thursday 9 November from 14h30 to 17h30 in Room PHS7C50.

Our conference, hosted by Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Sylvie Brunet, will cover two significant topics for installers across Europe: skills and artificial intelligence.

We’ll start with a session on skills that will reflect on the EU Year Of Skills as well as on how the installations sectors are working to overcome the dual challenge of skills and labour shortages. For this crucial topic, we have the pleasure of announcing an inspiring list of speakers:

  • MEP Ilana Cicurel will deliver the keynote;
  • Author and journalist David Goodhart will bring the outsider’s perspective and reflect on his landmark book “Head, Hand, Heart”;
  • Pär Lundström, Senior policy advisor at IN.SE Sweden will host a panel discussion on best practices from our sectors, accompanied by other members of EuropeOn’s Skills working group, where GCP Europe cooperates: Helen Yeulet (from the BESA, UK), Andrew Eldred (from ECA, England, Northern Ireland and Wales) and Jan Cromwijk (from ISSO, Netherlands);
  • Oliver Jung, GCP Europe’s General Secretary, will deliver the concluding remarks for this session.

Our second session will look ahead to an emerging trend that could become increasingly impactful for installers: artificial intelligence. We have again the pleasure to announce our list of insightful speakers to cover this transformative topic:

  • Kilian Gross, Head of Unit “AI policy, development and coordination” at the EU Commission (DG CNECT) will deliver the keynote;
  • MEP Brando Benifei will deliver a video message on the AI Act;
  • Thierry Geerts, Country director Google Belgium and author of “Homo Digitalis” will provide the outsider’s perspective;
  • Josh Bone, Director of ELECTRI International (USA) and Troels Blicher Danielsen, Administrative Director at Tekniq Arbejdsgiverne (Denmark), will debate AI with a transatlantic perspective
  • Luc Vercruyssen, KNX Association, will present a demonstration project
  • Julie Beaufils, EuropeOn’s General Secretary, will deliver the concluding remarks for this session

There will also be networking opportunities between our sessions and afterwards, so make sure to join us at the Parliament!

You can still register to attend the Conference online by contacting