EQF Elec consortium meeting in Sweden

EuropeOn has teamed up with a consortium of partners from Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium to work on a reference framework for electrical qualifications, thanks to funding received from the EU under the Erasmus + programme.

The project, called “EQF-Elec”, aims at defining a voluntary European qualification framework for electricians, which will allow for better comparability of skills and contribute to vertical and horizontal mobility of workers across Europe. It will also make education in the electricity sector more comparable across Europe and more in tune with labour market needs. In practice, our qualifications framework would make it easier for an employer in one country to assess the qualifications of a professional trained abroad.

The EQF Elec consortium recently met in Stockholm, hosted by our Swedish project partners Installatörsföretagen. As the qualifications framework is being finalise, we have started discussing the concluding phase of the project. In the spring of 2024, our project will organise multiplier events in each project partners’ countries, as well as online. Stay tuned for that!

Our consortium also benefitted from insightful presentations during our visit of the INSU training centre in Nyköping, south of Stockholm. This is a leading VET centre for the electrical sector that attracts applicants from all over Sweden. INSU has a team of highly proficient and expert staff that devise the curricula, which are also thought by external trainers active in the industry. This allows for a labour market-oriented education that makes graduates very desirable to employers. On top of initial education, INSU also delivers lifelong learning for practising professionals. Further, INSU also seeks to harness all the newest forms of education, using gamification, distance learning, VR and more to ensure their students have the best theoretical and practical education.