Members’ Corner – Säker Sol (Safe sun): a new Swedish website for safer solar cell installations

The demand for solar cells has increased exponentially in Sweden in recent years. But unfortunately, thousands of solar cell systems are installed with defects that in worst case scenario may cause personal injury as well as be a fire hazard. This is something that The Swedish Installation Federation want to change and have therefore created the industry rule set Säker Sol (Safe Sun).

The Swedish authority MSB (The authority for social security and preparedness) states that one fire every month has connections to solar cells in Sweden. This underlines the need to raise the level of competence in the Swedish solar energy industry.

“The purpose of Säker Sol is to ensure the quality of performed and controlled work. When hiring an electrical installation company that adheres to the industry regulations Säker Sol the customer can feel safe throughout the whole process. It must be profitable to do the right thing – for both parties”, says Cecilia Axelsson, electrical safety expert at The Swedish Installation Federation.

A guide for both customer and installer

The industry rule set Säker Sol and its associated tools, which you can find at, constitute a comprehensive solution for the Swedish solar energy industry, while the external website serves as a guide for both the customer and the installer. There, the customer can easily follow the step-by-step guide to get tips and advice in all the steps of the process to getting a fully installed solar cells system.

What you get as a Member of The Swedish Installation Federation 

The purpose and goal of Säker Sol is to help the entrepreneur to do the right thing and support them in implementing profitable solar cell projects. As a member of The Swedish Installation Federation they have access to all aspects of Säker Sol. The following is included in Säker Sol for members:

• An extensive knowledge bank.

• Advice in everything from law to substantive matters in the field of solar cell installations.

• Competence development, manuals, and seminars.

• Tools for better profitability such as templates, calculations and checklists.

• Advice on work environment and safety.

• Employer’s guide with templates and agreements.

• The member benefit IN Garanti (The Swedish Installation Federation Guarantee) which gives you the opportunity to offer consumers a free guarantee on your work.

• Possibility to be seen in Installer companies’ channels, such as Hitta Installatör (a webservice where you can search for solar cell installer companies).