Discussing integrated PV at the Increase workshop

EuropeOn is a proud partner in the new EU-funded Increase project, which aims to promote the uptake of integrated photovoltaic (IPV) in buildings.

This project started in October 2023 for close to 5 years. It focuses on innovations in PV module design, coatings, and operation guidelines to enhance aesthetics, reduce glare, and improve environmental impact and fire resistance. It also explores IPV facade, roof concepts, and noise barriers, providing practical guidance through pilots and rigorous testing.

Through the combination of aesthetics and additional functions, Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) sets itself apart from Building-Added PV (BAPV), which entails installing PV modules after the building’s completion. Beyond the primary function of solar energy conversion, BIPV performs multiple functions including weather, heat, sun, and noise protection, ensuring aesthetically appealing façades and roof designs while enhancing energy efficiency within a larger framework of low-carbon architecture.

EuropeOn is delighted to contribute to this project and bring the installers’ perspective to its work, but also disseminate project results and outcomes with installers across Europe.

In April, the first Increase workshop took place in Brussels and was the occasion to discuss IPV among participants. The event started with some background presentation from project partners, showcasing the current use and possibilities offered by IPV to increase the energy performance of buildings. Participants then split into subgroups to deep-dive and brainstorm on more specific topics such as: installation & fire safety, permitting & visual integration, and business model & insurance.

You can keep up with the project, its events, its results and the resource produced on its website: https://www.increaseipv.eu/ 

You can also support this project by filling out a short survey that will assess the expected knowledge, barriers, and needs of different stakeholder groups, including groups which have limited or no IPV awareness: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/IncreaseProjectSurvey