EuropeOn and the Electrification Alliance meet with the EU Commission to call for an Electrification Action Plan

EuropeOn is currently holding the chairmanship of the Electrification Alliance, a network of 10 EU associations representing all segments of the electrification value chain, along with our colleagues from AVERE (the association promoting electro-mobility). Our mission is to coordinate the work of the Alliance to be heard policymakers ahead of the next EU policy cycle. With Parliament elections taking place next week (6-9 June), which will lead to a renewal of the College of Commissioners, it is a critical time to discuss the future of Europe’s energy transition.

The energy transition must be addressed at European level. Indeed, 80% of energy and climate regulations in Member States are initially discussed collectively at the EU level, making it crucial to have a unified strategy.

Meeting with the Commission

On 14 May, the Electrification Alliance met with Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Deputy Director General of the Commission’s Directorate for Energy (DG ENER).

For the 10 CEOs and General Secretaries of the Alliance, this meeting was an opportunity to emphasise the need for the EU to enhance its efforts on rolling out electrification. While the EU Green Deal is paving the way for a greener, more efficient Europe, enabling conditions for electrification are still lacking.

Electrification is often seen as a given, but the transition is slower than anticipated. Although electricity is becoming greener and more efficient every year, its share in final energy use has increased by less than 3% over the past 20 years. This underscores the need for the next Commission to develop a clear strategy, an Electrification Action Plan, to increase this share from 23% today to 35% by 2030.

The Alliance not only presented its requests but also highlighted priorities for such an action plan, proposing potential action points and sector-specific recommendations.

The Commission welcomed the Electrification Action Plan initiative, recognising the importance of industry collaboration in presenting unified ideas. The meeting also underscored the need for the Electrification Alliance to engage with Member States to promote new initiatives.

Read the Electrification Alliance’s Manifesto

Kick-off of the #100DaysToElectrify campaign

On the same week, the Alliance launched its new #100DaysToElectrify campaign, supporting our call for an Electrification Action Plan to be released within the first 100 days of the new Commission’s mandate (which is expected to start in November-December 2024).

EuropeOn’s leadership in organising the meeting with DG ENER and steering the #100DaysToElectrify campaign demonstrate its commitment to fostering a sustainable and resilient energy system in Europe.