Media Partners’ Corner – KNX Dialogue Series Launches with a Successful First Event

On Wednesday, June 19th, the KNX community gathered online for the inaugural session of the KNX Dialogue Series, marking a significant moment for professionals in the smart building industry. Hosted at 9 AM CEST, the event provided an extensive platform for insights, analyses, and the latest developments within the KNX ecosystem.

The session kicked off with an introduction to the KNX Ecosystem, highlighting its role as a pivotal force in sustainable and innovative technology. Keynote speakers included ETS Product Manager Michael Critchfield and popular technology YouTuber Torben Ledermann, who explored the integration and impact of KNX IoT within the ETS software.

Further discussions led by KNX experts Jesus Arias and Javier Iglesias showcased practical applications of KNX IoT services, demonstrating real-world implementations that are pushing the boundaries of smart building technologies. The KNX Startups Incubator segment provided a platform for emerging companies to share their success stories and the benefits of being part of the KNX community.

The event also emphasized the importance of networking, with numerous opportunities for attendees to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and expand their professional networks. Interactive elements of the session allowed participants to engage in live dialogues, ask questions via chat, text, or audio/video, and receive immediate responses from industry leaders.

Attendees were also treated to exclusive previews of upcoming innovations, getting a first look at what the future holds for the KNX ecosystem.

The KNX Dialogue Series has clearly established itself as a crucial event for anyone involved in the smart building sector, promising more insightful sessions in the future as it fosters a collaborative and forward-thinking community.

For those who want to relive the moment or who missed the live session, the entire event has been made available on a dedicated YouTube playlist, which can be accessed here

Stay tuned for the next KNX Dialogue Sessions later this year.